Fruit fly discovery provides insights into brain stem cell development

The discovery of a previously unrecognised developmental strategy to generate neurons in fruit flies is hoped to shed light on the mechanisms that occur in mammals.
15 December 2014

New Knowledge Quarter launched by the Chancellor

The new Knowledge Quarter, a partnership of 35 academic, cultural, research, scientific and media organisations based in Kings Cross, Euston and Bloomsbury, was launched by the Chancellor, George Osborne today at the British Library in London.
04 December 2014

Research suggests ability of HIV to cause AIDS is slowing

The HIV virus is evolving to develop resistance to patients’ natural immunity, but at the same time is slowing in its ability to cause AIDS.
02 December 2014

Parasites use Trojan horse tactic

Parasites use a Trojan horse tactic to suppress the immunity of their victims – by using vesicles, or tiny sealed packages, to get genetic material into host cells undetected
25 November 2014

Crick awards Hard FM contract

After a six month rigorous procurement process, the Crick has awarded its Hard Facilities Management (FM) contract to CBRE Norland, a leading UK facilities management provider. This is the largest single contract the Crick will award to an external supplier, who will be responsible for all the maintenance of the building and engineering infrastructure within the 1 million square feet institute.
21 November 2014