Providing for Camden’s future heating and power needs

Camden Council has today unveiled the first phase of its new eco-friendly decentralised energy scheme in Somers Town
21 May 2015

Cancer-associated DNA changes exist in 25 per cent of normal skin cells

Researchers have discovered that around a quarter of skin cells in people without cancer carry at least one cancer-associated mutation.
21 May 2015

Crick researchers join Fellowship of Academy of Medical Sciences

Charles Swanton and Michael Way of the Francis Crick Institute joined 46 other UK medical researchers
13 May 2015

A new genetic switch uncovered in the long genes expressed in our brain

Researchers at UCL (University College London) have discovered a new mechanism for ‘splicing-based’ gene regulation, with possible implications for brain-related disorders.
13 May 2015

Sir Paul Nurse awarded 2015 Friesen Prize

Sir Paul Nurse, Chief Executive of the Francis Crick Institute, has been awarded the 2015 Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research
06 May 2015