Structure of genetic messenger molecules reveals key role in diseases

The three-dimensional structures of mRNAs determine their stability and efficiency inside cells, shedding light on how seemingly minor mutations can lead to disease.
18 March 2015

Research honour for Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson has been awarded the South African National Research Foundation's highest rating.
13 March 2015

Three new European Research Council awards

Three NIMR programme leaders have been awarded prestigious ERC consolidator grants.
12 March 2015

Crick Chat on Tuberculosis: the race against antibiotic resistance

One of the Crick's key priorities is to engage the public in our research. We recently launched a series of Crick Chats, aimed at giving the general public the opportunity to engage with our researchers in a relaxed and informal environment.
09 March 2015

Arts Council PRISM award will ‘preserve fascinating scientific instruments’ for the new institute

The Francis Crick Institute has been awarded almost £20,000 to preserve 150 historically important scientific objects.
26 February 2015