Crick awards Hard FM contract

After a six month rigorous procurement process, the Crick has awarded its Hard Facilities Management (FM) contract to Norland Managed Services, a leading UK facilities management provider. This is the largest single contract the Crick will award to an external supplier, who will be responsible for all the maintenance of the building and engineering infrastructure within the 1 million square feet institute.
21 November 2014

Mouse virus study may offer HIV insights

New knowledge about a mouse virus from the same family as human HIV may help researchers in their quest for new treatments for HIV/AIDS.
30 October 2014

Research reveals how lymph nodes expand during disease

The same specialised immune cells that patrol the body and spot infections also trigger the expansion of immune organs called lymph nodes.
23 October 2014

Myelin vital for learning new practical skills

Research showing how ‘accessory proteins’ carried by the HIV virus make a host cell disable its own anti-viral defences may lead to a completely new way to treat HIV/AIDS.
17 October 2014

The Crick hosts the London Evening Standard’s 1000 event

The London Evening Standard chose the Francis Crick Institute as the venue to unveil its annual list of the 1000 most influential people in London this evening.
16 October 2014