‘Genetic messages’ between cells herald new way to tackle immune diseases

Scientists have discovered a new form of communication between cells, by sending ‘genetic messages’ in the form of small pieces of RNA.
17 July 2014

Insights into development of different cell types in spinal cord

Different combinations of just a few signals control the type of cells produced in the spinal cord in a developing embryo.
15 July 2014

New asthma target offers hope of more specific treatment

Targeting a micro RNA found only in Th2 immune cells may alleviate asthma symptoms while avoiding the side effects of broad-scale steroids.
14 July 2014

‘World’s slowest Doppler effect’ found in embryo development

Long-term time-lapse microscopy has elicited surprise findings about the rhythm of body segment formation during embryo development.
11 July 2014

Protein phosphatase study brings malaria drug targets a step closer

Scientists searching for new drug and vaccine targets to stop transmission of one of malaria believe they are closer than ever to disrupting the parasite’s life cycle.
09 July 2014