How immune protein differentiates between own RNA and virus RNA

Understanding how an immune protein recognises separate families of RNA viruses is hoped to lead to the design of new immune drugs.
10 August 2014

Molecular gate could keep cancer cells locked up

New research uncovers the location of a ‘molecular gate’ that opens up to embrace DNA during cell division, providing a potential target for new cancer treatments.
01 August 2014

Drug-resistant malaria has spread to critical border regions of South-east Asia

Resistance to artemisinin, the world’s most effective antimalarial drug, is now widespread in South-east Asia.
31 July 2014

New ‘silent but responsive’ cells discovered in part of brain that processes smell

A ‘silent’ population of brain cells in the olfactory network – the part of the brain that processes smell information – may play a key role in engaging local brain cell networks.
27 July 2014

Mouth bacteria invade the gut in liver cirrhosis patients

New research shows that invasion of the gut by mouth bacteria could be responsible for the development of liver cirrhosis
23 July 2014