Portrait of Francis Crick's DNA to be auctioned as part of campaign to fund biomedical research centre named after him

A PORTRAIT of Francis Crick’s DNA, and a sculpture designed by his granddaughter, Kindra Crick, are to be auctioned at Christie’s as part of Cancer Research UK’s campaign to raise money to help build the Francis Crick Institute, a world-leading centre of biomedical research due to open in 2016.
02 October 2015

Understanding the paradox of HIV drugs worsening concurrent tuberculosis

Scientists hope that new insights into an inflammatory condition that means TB gets worse in patients treated for HIV will help lead to ways to prevent and treat the common problem.
24 September 2015

Statement from the Francis Crick Institute on the HFEA application for use of genome editing techniques on human embryos

Scientists working at The Francis Crick Institute (the Crick) in London have applied to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) to use new “genome editing” techniques on human embryos.
18 September 2015

New insight into how heart cells develop

Molecular detail about how heart cells develop in embryos may help in efforts to reprogram embryonic stem cells to produce cells for treating heart patients.
14 September 2015

Human genome editing research essential, claims influential Hinxton Group

Research involving editing the genome of human embryos is essential to gain basic understanding of the biology of early human embryos and germ cells and should be permitted, according to one of the first global meetings to debate the controversial new techniques.
10 September 2015