Crick expert warns against impractical ban on genetic editing of embryos

A leading expert on developmental genetics from the Francis Crick Institute has warned against calls for a moratorium on the genetic editing of human embryos.
24 April 2015

Scientists decipher key steps in cancer development to improve treatment

The discovery of the timing of genetic mistakes common in many types of cancer might help explain why tumours become resistant to treatment and lead to new ways to tackle the problem
15 April 2015

Melanoma’s ‘safe haven’ targeted for shut-down

Melanoma cells can use surrounding healthy cells to provide a shield that enables them to resist treatment
13 April 2015

Molecular detail of how HIV virus family subverts host cell’s own defences

Viruses in the HIV family use alternative methods to turn host cells on themselves and enable infection, in work that’s hoped to lead to a new way of treating HIV/AIDS.
08 April 2015

Signalling molecule insights could help repair damaged tissue or limit disease

A new study offers insight into how cells respond to the signalling protein Shh, a key factor in developing embryos and in some cancers.
02 April 2015