Crick emeritus scientist Tomas Lindahl is joint winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 has been awarded to Crick emeritus scientist Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for 'mechanistic studies of DNA repair'.
07 October 2015

Crick postdoc wins prestigious Acteria Prize

Chris Schiering, a postdoctoral researcher in Gitta Stockinger’s lab at our Mill Hill Laboratory has won the Acteria Doctoral Prize in Immunology awarded by EFIS.
05 October 2015

Portrait of Francis Crick's DNA to be auctioned as part of campaign to fund biomedical research centre named after him

A PORTRAIT of Francis Crick’s DNA, and a sculpture designed by his granddaughter, Kindra Crick, are to be auctioned at Christie’s as part of Cancer Research UK’s campaign to raise money to help build the Francis Crick Institute, a world-leading centre of biomedical research due to open in 2016.
02 October 2015

Genes that protect African children from developing malaria identified

In the largest genetic association study of malaria to date, researchers have identified DNA variations that protect African children from developing severe malaria.
01 October 2015

Understanding the paradox of HIV drugs worsening concurrent tuberculosis

Scientists hope that new insights into an inflammatory condition that means TB gets worse in patients treated for HIV will help lead to ways to prevent and treat the common problem.
24 September 2015