Forthcoming events

The Francis Crick Institute organises or takes part in a range of public events to generate excitement about science and to keep people informed about this unique project to create a world-leading biomedical research centre in London.

Crick Community Update

If you’re local to Somers Town and the surrounding area you are invited to our next Crick Community Update in January.
28 January 2015

The Living Centre: supplier day

The Crick has now started looking for an organisation or consortium to run the Living Centre, and is holding a half-day workshop with potential suppliers to help in the development of the specification and evaluation before the formal procurement process begins.
30 January 2015

Crick symposium: Biophysics and Bioengineering across Scales: from Molecules to Tissues

This symposium focuses on the increasing overlap between biology and the physical sciences. Different biological systems, scales and experimental or computational approaches will be explored.
25 February 2015