Forthcoming events

The Francis Crick Institute organises and takes part in a range of public events to generate excitement about science and hosts regular scientific seminars and symposia to provide a forum for scientists, PhD students and scientific world leaders from around the world to share their ideas and stimulate discovery research. 

Genetics and Development Seminar at Mill Hill: Cristina Pina

Cristina Pina from the University of Cambridge will give a seminar at Mill Hill.
06 October 2015

Symposium: Multidisciplinary approaches to research at the Crick

This is the first of several Crick symposia where a selection of the Crick secondments, satellites and sabbaticals will provide an introduction into how their research will bring complementary expertise to the Crick in physical, computational, biomedical and clinical sciences.
05 November 2015

Structural Biology Seminar: Sylvie Urbe and Michael Clague

Sylvie Urbe and Michael Clague will give a seminar at Mill Hill
12 November 2015