Science news

Long-standing question about embryo development answered

Scientists have discovered how the production of different types of nerve cell and the growth of the spinal cord are coordinated during the development of embryos.
26 September 2014

Size matters: immune cells mount different defences against pathogens based on size

Immune cells called neutrophils use large web-like structures to trap and kill large pathogens, while small pathogens are engulfed and killed using a process called phagocytosis.
14 September 2014

Study sheds light on brain cells important for memory formation

A protein crucial for stem cells to form new nerve cells in a part of the brain that produces memories may help lead to ways to stop ageing-related memory deterioration.
03 September 2014

Mapping connections in the brain to understand visual processing

Researchers have made inroads into understanding cell connections in a part of the brain called the neocortex, shedding light on how visual processing occurs in the brain.
28 August 2014

Researchers grow ‘seed’ of spinal cord tissue in a dish

Researchers have for the first time turned stem cells into the specialised cells that go on to form spinal cord, muscle and bone tissue.
26 August 2014