Science news

Research suggests ability of HIV to cause AIDS is slowing

The HIV virus is evolving to develop resistance to patients’ natural immunity, but at the same time is slowing in its ability to cause AIDS.
02 December 2014

Parasites use Trojan horse tactic

Parasites use a Trojan horse tactic to suppress the immunity of their victims – by using vesicles, or tiny sealed packages, to get genetic material into host cells undetected
25 November 2014

Scientists find first evidence of 'local' clock in the brain

A ‘local’ body clock works alongside our master circadian clock to help regulate sleep.
13 November 2014

Weight influenced by microbes in the gut

A bacterial family that is highly heritable is more common in people with low body weight.
06 November 2014

Mouse virus study may offer HIV insights

New knowledge about a mouse virus from the same family as human HIV may help researchers in their quest for new treatments for HIV/AIDS.
30 October 2014