Science news

Wide implications from discovery of enzyme that dampens an important class of signalling proteins

Researchers have discovered an enzyme that dampens the activity of Wnt proteins, a class of signalling proteins with functions in embryonic development, cell regeneration and stem cell maintenance.
25 February 2015

How does our skin know to grow when it’s being stretched?

New research offers a possible explanation for how human tissues such as skin grow in response to stretching forces.
23 February 2015

Key to blocking influenza virus may lie in a cell’s own machinery

Viruses entrust their most fundamental function – reproduction – to the host cells they infect. But it turns out this highly economical approach also creates vulnerability.
12 February 2015

New class of antibodies raises hope of dengue fever vaccine

A new class of human antibodies against the dengue fever virus could be exploited to develop a vaccine.
30 January 2015

Major cause of blindness linked to calcium deposits in the eye

Microscopic spheres of calcium phosphate may play a role in the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
20 January 2015