Science news

'You are what your mother ate'

On June 25 2015, an international cohort of researchers and healthcare professionals attended the Wellcome Collection to participate in the latest Crick symposium on nutrition and its role in the development of disease.
02 July 2015

Researchers discover new ‘rules of engagement’ that allow viruses such as HIV to infect healthy cells

Important new detail on how retroviruses take over healthy cells may eventually lead to more effective treatments to suppress the virus.
10 June 2015

Promising results in mice raise hope of treatment for spinal cord injury

A group of drugs being trialled for cancer could also hold promise as a treatment for spinal cord injury.
01 June 2015

Cancer-associated DNA changes exist in 25 per cent of normal skin cells

Researchers have discovered that around a quarter of skin cells in people without cancer carry at least one cancer-associated mutation.
21 May 2015

Possible new treatment pathway for B cell diseases

Scientists have uncovered a potential new treatment pathway for autoimmune diseases driven by immune cells called B cells.
18 May 2015