Science news

Cancer-associated DNA changes exist in 25 per cent of normal skin cells

Researchers have discovered that around a quarter of skin cells in people without cancer carry at least one cancer-associated mutation.
21 May 2015

A new genetic switch uncovered in the long genes expressed in our brain

Researchers at UCL (University College London) have discovered a new mechanism for ‘splicing-based’ gene regulation, with possible implications for brain-related disorders.
13 May 2015

Pinpointing long range genomic connections to determine the genetic basis of disease

New knowledge about the interactions between regulatory elements in our genome has implications for understanding the genetic basis of disease.
04 May 2015

2015 Fellows of the Royal Society

Congratulations to Frank Uhlman of the Francis Crick Institute, who became a Fellow of the Royal Society on 30 April 2015.
30 April 2015

DMDD data accessible on new website

The Wellcome Trust-funded research programme ‘Deciphering the Mechanisms of Developmental Disorders’ (DMDD) which is coordinated by scientists at the Francis Crick Institute has launched its new website.
27 April 2015