Science news

Scientists identify trouble spot in brain linked to learning difficulties in Down syndrome

New brain research has mapped a key trouble spot likely to contribute to intellectual disability in Down syndrome.
03 August 2015

IBD genetically similar in Europeans and non-Europeans

A trans-ethnic study has linked 38 regions of the genome with risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
20 July 2015

How cholesterol leads to clogged arteries

Discovery of the cellular processes that occur when cholesterol triggers inflammation linked to artherosclerosis.
17 July 2015

Elusive tumour suppressor protein function uncovered

The discovery of the biochemical function of a family of tumour suppressor proteins – called Rad51 paralogs – that has eluded scientists for two decades.
16 July 2015

First Mill Hill researcher to receive CRUK grant

Congratulations to Gitta Stockinger, who has just been awarded a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) grant for an immunologist looking to expand their interests into cancer research.
08 July 2015