Equality, diversity and inclusion

Diversity drives scientific excellence. We work to build an inclusive Crick culture where everyone can thrive.
Crick staff at the annual 'Bring Your Culture to Work Day'.


What is equality, diversity and inclusion?

Watch our video to meet our Inclusion team and hear how we define equality, diversity and inclusion. 

  • Equality is about fair and equal access to jobs, training, resources, opportunities and it's about preventing discrimination and removing barriers proactively.
  • Diversity means variety within a population. if you have a diverse workforce, you'll see representation of different genders, ethnicities, social backgrounds and more all through the organisation.
  • Inclusion means that everyone feels welcome and is able to thrive in an organisation. Ulitmately, diversity without inclusion doesn't work. An inclusive workplace welcomes people bringing their whole selves to work.
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Our inclusion strategy and governance structure

Our inclusion strategy 2021 - 2015 (PDF) supports the Crick's strategy, Discovery Without Boundaries 2021 (PDF), by developing an inclusive culture that nurtures diverse talent, and embedding our ways of working - bold, open and collegial.

The Crick Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has representation from Executive Committee to PhD level. It is accountable for the strategy and supporting the institutional action plan, and oversees six thematic working groups. The committee reports to the Executive Committee and to the Board.

Our inclusion principles

  • The Crick is recognised as an employer with opportunities that are accessible to all, including those in the local community.

  • Recruitment processes, including advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and training are designed to maximise fairness and ensure access to a wide range of talent.

  • We listen and respond to all our staff, regardless of their ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds, seeking to understand the challenges and barriers they face and creating an environment where diversity is valued.

  • We measure engagement through our surveys, to monitor progress and understand the experience of all groups at the Crick.

  • Through training, we enable open discussion about equity and opportunity in the workplace and challenge behaviour that is not in line with these principles.

  • Our charter marks, reports and statements.

    We hold an Athena SWAN Bronze award from 2019. Our next submission is due in January 2025. 

    In April 2021, our mean gender pay gap was 12.7%, and median 3.0%. Our full gender pay gap reports are shared annually on our website. 

    Our Executive Committee support the five principles of Advance HE's Race Equality Charter. These principles underpin our strategy (PDF).

    Our 2020 Black Lives Matter statement.

    We are a Stonewall Diversity Champion member. 

    Staff networks

    Our networks

    We have four staff-run diversity networks, open to any interested staff.

    Logo for PRISM - the Crick's Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Network.

    Prism - Our race equity network

    Logo for Proud Crick - the Crick's LGBT+ network.

    Proud Crick - Our LGBTQ+ equity network

    Logo for Enable - the Crick's network for staff with disabilities, long-term health conditions or cognitive differences.

    Enable - Our disability and neurodiversity equity network

    Family Network logo

    Family and carers - Our support network for staff with caring responsibilities

    Working in partnership

    Working in partnership

    We are an active member of the EDIS Group, founded at the Crick.

    We are a member of the King's Cross Knowledge Quarter.

    We work with the EDI teams at our six partners: the Medical Research Council, UCL, Imperial College London, King's College London, Wellcome and Cancer Research UK

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