Clinical fellows

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Foreword from Peter Ratcliffe, the Crick's Clinical Research Director

Together with our funding partners, the Crick provides excellent research fellowship and training opportunities for exceptional clinicians from all specialities at different stages in clinical training and research career development.

Clinical fellows have the opportunity to work in a vibrant and inspiring environment encompassing one of the world's largest physical groupings of (in excess of 1000) biomedical researchers. 

Crick's research encompasses a wide range of approaches to the understanding of living organisms in health and disease and seeks to apply this knowledge to human disease, including cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic, immune, infectious, neurological and developmental conditions. In pursuit of our mission of 'discovery without boundaries', the Crick is supported by world-class technology platforms including state-of-the-art computational, imaging, biochemical, biophysical and biological methods. Scientific experience is complemented by well-organized career development, mentoring and training programs aiming to create scientific leaders of the future.

In the interests of promoting the best opportunities for scientific exchange, the Institute is not partitioned into physically separated departments, but interacts through a series of cross-cutting interest groups. Clinicians working and training in this environment will work alongside scientists who are not clinically qualified. To facilitate ongoing clinical training, provide clinical mentorship, and appropriate clinical linkages, clinical fellows may also be associated external partners, for example with one of our partner universities (UCL, Imperial College London and King's College London), with other universities, with NIHR BRCs or with Cancer Research UK (CRUK) centres.

Opportunities for Clinical Fellows at the Crick

  • Further opportunities will be posted here as they become available.
  • Designed with high calibre clinicians in mind, Crick clinical fellowships provide an opportunity for talented individuals to accelerate their career in biomedical research.