Support and guidance

To ensure students have all of the support and guidance they need during the course of their PhD, they have access to a comprehensive support network: 

  • Supervisor and their research group
    Students are guided through the various stages of their PhD programme by their primary supervisor, who will ensure they are on track to achieve their PhD. Other students, postdocs and staff in the research group will be on hand to help with learning specific techniques or to talk about ideas and results.
  • Thesis Committee
    All students have a Thesis Committee, the members of which support the student throughout the PhD programme. The Thesis Committee comprises three academics, including the student's secondary supervisor who is a member of staff from the university that the student is registered at. Students meet with their Thesis Committee regularly so that they can discuss how their project is progressing and receive guidance on their research. 
  • Director of Academic Programmes (DoAP) and the Crick Academic Training Team
    The DoAP oversees all aspects of student training at the Crick including recruitment, monitoring academic progress, pastoral care and administrative support. The Academic Training Team's open door policy means students can drop-in to discuss any aspect of their training or personal support at any time and in complete confidence.
  • PhD Student Committee
    The Crick PhD Student Committee represents the student community within the institute and acts as a voice for the students through participation on various committees, for example on the Crick Research Degree Committee, which ensures the quality and delivery of the PhD programme. The PhD Student Committee also organises various scientific and social activities.