Career development

The Crick is committed to running a world-class PTF training programme. This programme is being developed in consultation with our PTFs, to help them make the most of their time at the Crick and prepare for their future careers.

There will be induction activities to help PTFs get up and running as quickly as possible, including an introduction to the institute's Science Technology Platforms. All Crick PTFs will give internal seminars, benefit from the institute's extensive internal and external seminar programmes and participate in Crick Postdoc Retreats. PTFs will review their progress annually with their Group Leader, to provide structure and focus for their scientific and career development during their time at the Crick, and to aid them in their future career. There will also be opportunities for PTFs to engage with other institute faculty.

Additional activities will include:

  • Crick Science Technology Platform training.
  • Software training.
  • Attending scientific conferences and technical courses.
  • Participating in the Crick Summer Student Programme, within which PTFs will be given training to support them in interviewing, selecting and supervising undergraduate summer students.
  • Attending careers talks and workshops, covering scientific careers in academic research and industry, as well as other career options such as science publishing, policy, communication and administration.
  • Participating in specific activities aimed at supporting senior postdocs as they prepare to apply for their own independent scientific positions.
  • Representing Crick PTFs on various institute committees.
  • The Crick is committeed to running a world-class postdoctoral training programme.