There will be approximately 400 PTFs working in the Crick, making them the largest group of scientists in the Institute. The postdoc community will contribute significantly to the Crick's scientific culture, and the world-class research it produces.

The Crick has an international culture, and the postdoc community will contribute to this diversity. Although currently based in the Crick's founding institutions, the PTFs have already started to work together and organise events for the Crick PTF community. The fourth Crick Postdoc Retreat will be held in 2015, and other scientific and social activities are already underway.

All Crick PTFs will participate in a new Crick Postdoctoral Training Programme, to provide them with extensive support, training and career development.

Crick PTFs are funded by four-year Crick Postdoctoral Fellowships. They are also encouraged to apply for external fellowships awarded by other organisations such as EMBO, the Human Frontier Science Program, the Wellcome Trust, FEBS and the EU via Marie Curie Fellowships.