2018 Crick-Calleva Summer Student Programme

Applications for the 2018 Crick-Calleva Summer Student Programme are now closed.

The Francis Crick Institute, an interdisciplinary biomedical research institute, is committed to training the next generation of research scientists.

As part of this commitment, we run the Crick-Calleva Summer Student Programme, which provides bright, ambitious undergraduates who are considering a future in biomedical research with a 9-week placement to give them hands-on experience and a true feel of what it's like to work in a research lab. Students are paired with postdoctoral supervisors, who provide attentive training and supervision as the students participate in institute life over the summer.

"All I was allowed to do before was shadow scientists. Here I got to be a scientist" said Catriona Haberland, a previous Crick-Calleva summer student. "At university, everything is a standardised protocol and tends to work, which is why experience in the lab like this is so important."

Summer students benefit from well-resourced research labs, state-of-the-art science technology platforms, a supportive and stimulating research environment, and scientific and transferable skills training. The types of techniques learnt will depend on the project and may include molecular biology, cell biology, biochemical, biophysical and computational biology techniques.

Sarah Jordan, a student at King's College London, who was on the programme last summer said: "Just working in this building is amazing. The facilities are incredible and you can accomplish so much more here. There are labs especially designed for certain experiments, with people there to help you out who know everything about it." 

The Summer Student Programme starts with an induction to introduce students to the Crick, to working in its labs and to each other. Over the summer students work on their projects and have the opportunity to participate in various student activities including attending a workshop on finding a PhD position. Students also receive training in scientific presentation skills prior to presenting their work at the Crick-Calleva Summer Student Symposium - a programme highlight at the end of the summer!

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