Crick-Calleva Summer Student positions by Supervisor

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Donald Benton, Steve Gamblin's group | Characterisation of influenza virus glycoproteins by cryo EM

Carles Bosch, Andreas Schaefer' group | Targeted electron microscopy reconstructions in the mouse brain: connectomics of the olfactory bulb

Nicola Diny, Gitta Stockinger's group | Regulation of gut eosinophils

Andrew Economou, Caroline Hill's group | Temporal and spatial patterns of Nodal target gene expression in early zebrafish development

Xiao Fu, Paul Bate's group | Applying deep learning to predict mechanistic drivers from tumour invasion videos

Michael Lattke, Francois Guillemot's group | Optimisation of in vitro astrocyte maturation protocols

Dessi Malinova, Pavel Tolar's group | Investigating B cell immune responses using CRISPR/Cas9

Thomas Miller, Alessandro Costa's group | The study of eukaryotic chromosome replication by cryo-electron microscopy

Fabien Moretto, Folkert van Werven's group  | Deciphering the role of LncRNAs in chromatin marks deposition and gene regulation

Yolanda Olmos, Jeremy Carlton's group | Unravelling new roles of ESCRT-III proteins in the nucleus

Joana Borrego Pinto, Nathan Goehring's group  | PAR polarity during stress: mechanisms of adaptation and recovery

Alessandro Pristera, Francois Guillemot's group  | Characterisation of Striatal neurons in a mouse model of dysfunctional dopaminergic neurons

Maria Nieto Soler, Steve West's group | Exploring the molecular mechanism of replication fork cleavage

Maxime Tarabichi, Peter Van Loo's group  | Interrogating intra-tumour heterogeneity of sarcomas with multi-region and multi-omic sequencing of bulk tissues and single cells

Emmanuelle Thinon, Sharon Tooze's group | Regulation of autophagy-mediated clearance in MTb infection by SNARE proteins

Alexandra Tran-Van-Minh, Ed Rancz's group | Analysis of large datasets of neuronal activity during visual processing

John Williamson, Guillaume Salbreux's group | The physics of a developing tissue in fruit fly