Sustainability strategy: materials

We buy materials and products responsibly to minimise our impact | Part of our sustainability strategy
The exterior of the Crick.


Every object that has been manufactured is linked to the carbon emissions produced in its manufacturing and distribution processes.

This is called ‘embedded energy’ or ‘embodied carbon’, and it has to be taken into account when we’re evaluating our carbon emissions. 

Laboratory materials often have energy-intensive production processes, and we’re working to find ways to reduce our own impact.

We’re committed to procuring materials and products responsibly and in-line with the needs of our researchers, while minimising the demand for new materials, the distances travelled and the embedded energy. 


0 single-use plastics in our catering by 2028

Our goals

  • Zero single-use plastics used in our catering 
  • Reduction in single-use plastics and packaging throughout the Crick 
  • Reduction in carbon emissions associated with catering 
  • Reduction in carbon emissions associated with procurement 

How are we going to do this?

  • Reviewing our current procurement processes to establish a baseline level of carbon emissions for each department.
  • Reviewing plastic packaging in key areas at the Crick.
  • Working with our suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of our supply chain.