Sustainability strategy: waste

We’re reducing the amount of waste we produce and the impact of our by-products| Part of our sustainability strategy
The exterior of the Crick.


Laboratory work traditionally produces a lot of waste that’s difficult to reuse or recycle.

We’re committed to finding ways to reduce the amount of waste produced at the Crick in our labs, our catering and our office space. 

We’ve already reduced the amount of our waste that goes to landfill, but there’s more to be done to reduce the effects of the waste that we produce. 


15% reduction in operational and clinical waste by 2028

Our goals

  • 15% reduction in operational and clinical waste 
  • 85% of waste is recycled 
  • Zero operational waste going to landfill 
  • 80% reduction in food waste  

How are we going to do this?

  • Tracking food waste  
  • Educating staff on recycling and reducing contamination 
  • Donating all surplus food to local charities and social groups 
  • Reviewing catering portions to reduce waste 
  • Carrying out plastic packaging audit with our suppliers