How we work

Everyone who works at the Crick has a valuable role to play in advancing the Crick’s mission and shaping our culture and reputation.

We are BOLD. We make space for creative, dynamic and imaginative ideas and approaches. We’re not afraid to do things differently.

We are OPEN. We’re highly collaborative and interactive, and make sure our activities are visible to the outside world.

We are COLLEGIAL. We show respect for one another, work cooperatively and support the wider community.

Our code of conduct

The Crick code of conduct sets the standards for everyone working at the Crick. It outlines the behaviour that we all expect from each other.

Everyone who works at the Crick has a valuable role to play. We all help to advance the Crick’s mission and shape our working culture and reputation.

Our code of conduct guides us to make decisions in line with the ethical principles we stand for. It sets the standards for our behaviour, and helps us to create a safe, respectful, and well-managed working environment where we can all work towards our goals.

Our own policies, along with laws and regulations, set the rules that we follow, but many decisions require us to exercise our judgement. These decisions can be difficult and there isn’t always a correct answer. Managers play an important role in setting an example, discussing approaches, and guiding decision making.

Our code of conduct and key policies provide the guidance we need in decision making. We expect everyone to:


Understand the Crick’s approach to open science and science with integrity.

Work together with dignity, respect, and integrity to create an environment where our people can thrive.

Work together to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of ourselves, our colleagues, and our neighbours.

Work together to make the most of resources by being financially and environmentally responsible.