Our strategy

Discovery without boundaries


Our mission is discovery without boundaries; to carry out world-class discovery research to understand how living things work and to drive benefits for human health.

We explore biological mechanisms at all scales from molecules through cells to organisms. Our discoveries will enhance our understanding of the fundamental processes of life, and have the potential to transform the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

To deliver our mission, we bring together expertise from different scientific disciplines and work with different types of organisations across the academic, clinical and industrial spheres. This creates a space for discovery without boundaries and supports the translation of discoveries into health benefits.

Our core principles

Four principles summarise our approach:

Principle 1

We conduct research of the highest quality.

Principle 2

We maintain a broad scientific portfolio, embracing interdisciplinarity and translation. 

Principle 3

We incubate early-career talent. 

Principle 4

We are permeable and outward looking. 

Our priority objectives

These principles will guide us as we focus on our five priority objectives to:

Objective 1

Accelerate discovery through a culture of scientific excellence

Researchers in Veni Papayannopoulos's lab working on the COVASE clinical trial, part of our COVID-19 research
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Objective 2

Support the biomedical research endeavour across the UK and beyond

Two researchers wearing blue lab coats
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Objective 3

Drive benefits for human health

Samra Turajlic's lab working on the CAPTURE project, part of the Francis Crick Institute's COVID-19 research.
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Objective 4

Engage and inspire with discovery science

Visitors at an Art and Science workshop
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Objective 5

Build capability for outstanding science support

Hands wearing orange gloves handling test tubes in a fume hood.
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