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At the Crick, our world-leading research expertise, facilities and flexibility put us in a powerful position to help tackle health challenges.
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At the Francis Crick Institute, Europe’s largest biomedical research facility under one roof, we are deliberately designed to cultivate world-class scientific innovation.

We are a pioneering partnership between three of the UK’s largest research funders and three of the world’s leading universities. Our ambitious vision has created a world-leading research centre that is a magnet for scientific talent from across the globe, generating discoveries with the potential to transform our understanding of health and disease.

Today, we stand at a moment of exceptional scientific opportunity. Increasingly sophisticated technologies and novel collaborations between scientists from different fields are rapidly advancing our understanding of biology, giving us the ability to address significant health challenges such as cancer, neurodegeneration, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Discoveries in areas seemingly distant from human health are leading to significant medical advances – for example, insights into how bacteria defend themselves against viruses inspired the creation of CRISPR gene editing, a revolutionary new tool holding immense potential for medical research and care. Multidisciplinary interactions are increasingly important for new innovations, yet often, researchers are divided into subject-specific departments. This can create physical and administrative barriers between disciplines and make collaboration more difficult.

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Help us continue our vital research to answer some of the most urgent questions in biomedical science.


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Research themes

The Crick’s science programme reflects the institute’s strategic imperative to bring researchers of different stripes together under one roof. It is broad and inclusive, with the flexibility to support promising and emerging fields of enquiry. Our group leaders have the freedom to devise and undertake their own specific research programmes, which are set within broad and overlapping scientific areas defined by the Crick’s strategy.

The different research themes are listed below, each with an example of someone whose work encompasses that theme.

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