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You can support the Crick by donating to Cancer Research UK.

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Led by Nobel Laureate, Sir Paul Nurse, the Crick’s distinctive vision breaks the mould. It is committed to scientific excellence through bringing a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to tackling the biggest challenges in biomedical science – from cancer to cardiovascular conditions and neurodegeneration to infectious disease.

Already, our approach is proving that research is better and moves faster when people work together, sharing their discoveries and expertise. We need to build on this momentum to ensure the Crick’s community of leading researchers have the funding they need to carry out their work. 

We work in partnership with Cancer Research UK, one of our founding partners, to attract and secure philanthropic support to help us discover the biology underlying human disease and accelerate the development of new treatments.

Donations are received by Cancer Research UK before being used to support the Crick’s purposes. You can support the Crick by donating to Cancer Research UK. 

For this arrangement to be possible, Cancer Research UK and the Crick share information about donors and prospective donors with each other. Cancer Research UK also undertakes due diligence checks on donors and prospective donors and shares the results with the Crick. For more information see Cancer Research UK’s Privacy Policy.

Support from generous donors is vital to sustaining and extending our research programme.

Kelly Kent

Kelly Kent

Head of Philanthropy

T: +44 (0)20 3796 63965



Hayday quote

Adrian Hayday

Fundamental research without boundaries is essential to understand more about cancer and find new treatments. We’re doing it here at the Crick, and that’s thanks to Cancer Research UK and its supporters. Exciting science is already happening. This place, and the work being done here, is going to be incredible.

Professor Adrian Hayday, Senior Group Leader

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