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As Europe’s largest biomedical research facility under one roof, our distinctive approach and design enables us to drive scientific progress like few others.   

The Crick is a magnet for scientific talent across the globe, where experts from across disciplines come together in pursuit of discoveries that change lives. 

Our researchers are selected and trained to work at the frontiers of possibility. Philanthropy can help us cross those frontiers faster by funding our people, investing in our technology, supporting our research, enhancing our widening access initiatives, and providing flexibility by donating to our Horizon Fund.


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You can contribute to our science by supporting a range of funding opportunities or donating to our Horizon fund - supporting all the work we do at the Crick, now and in the future.

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The Crick creates the ideal environment for curiosity-driven science to thrive. 

Your philanthropy can help provide the freedom, space, funds and technology to transform our understanding of health and disease. 

From the moment we heard about the Crick, we were fascinated by its multidisciplinary approach, ambitious goals and ability to attract top global talent.

We hope that in our lifetime, brilliant humans will find cures to many diseases. We are at a truly exciting inflection point.

Gemma and James Reynolds

Support our science

Support our science

There are many ways you can support the Crick from pledging a multi-year gift to leaving a legacy in your will.

Cancer Research UK works in partnership with the Crick to attract and secure philanthropic support for the Crick’s pioneering work. The Crick is one of the funding priorities of Cancer Research UK's global 'More research, less cancer' campaign.
For this arrangement to be possible, Cancer Research UK and the Crick operate as joint controllers of personal data. This involves jointly determining the purpose and means of processing information about donors and prospective donors, including sharing the information with each other and undertaking due diligence checks.
For more information see Cancer Research UK’s Privacy Policy.

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