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World-leading science requires the visionary support of those who believe in nurturing innovation and embracing collaboration, now and for decades to come. 

The Horizon fund helps us remain responsive and nimble. It equips us to pursue our scientific priorities, launch new initiatives, or tackle emerging challenges.

Unrestricted funding protects our agility and independence as we strive to achieve our mission. 

We have an impressive track record of discovery, but believe the biggest breakthroughs are yet to come. 

The potential is huge. Your support will make it happen. 

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Pursuing bold research opportunities

A powerful study led by Charles Swanton has fundamentally changed how we view lung cancer in people who have never smoked.

His team have uncovered the way in which air pollution can cause inflammation and awaken mutations in cells, initiating the development of cancer.

Part of the £14 million TRACERx study, these findings demonstrate that discovery science is changing our thinking around how this disease develops, and could ultimately help us to find better ways to prevent and treat lung cancer.

This ambitious project has significant global relevance and bolsters our understanding of the early stages of many different types of cancer.

Pushing the frontiers of knowledge

Fully understanding how the brain works requires knowing how the various neurons connect to each other. 

The most complex brain mapped to date is that of the fruit fly larvae, completed by one of our newest early career researchers Michael Winding. He moved to the Crick to build on this knowledge and explore how social isolation and genes related to neuropsychiatric disorders disrupt brain wiring. 

The techniques developed for this study could be applied to investigating the brain cell connections of other species and ultimately lead us towards a deeper understanding of the processes behind complex social behaviours.


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