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Intestinal stem cell culture


The path to discovery does not follow a straight line – some of biomedicine’s greatest advances have stemmed from the most unlikely areas of research.

Applied research focused on tackling a narrow problem may create incremental progress, but curiosity-driven discovery research has the power to launch entire industries and transform society.    

We believe that by fostering greater collaboration and connections between scientists, we can accelerate world-class discovery.  

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Vivian Li and Adam Sateriale

Cryptosporidium infection is one of the leading causes of death globally for children under five.

The disease has no fully effective treatment options, partially due to difficulties of studying this parasite in the lab.

Crick researchers Adam Sateriale and Vivian Li are addressing this challenge by developing a reliable way of studying Cryptosporidium in the lab.   

Vivian uses mini guts or ‘gut organoids’ to study bowel cancer and together the pair are utilising specialised versions of these dish-grown cells to uncover new ways to tackle this parasitic infection.  


Supporting researchers to pursue bold ideas

Leanne Li is an early-career group leader who is pioneering our understanding of the interplay between cancer and neuroscience.   

She is investigating how cancers exploit the nervous system to communicate with the rest of the body, enabling them to grow and spread.

The under-explored relationship between cancer and the nervous system is a growing area of research that could open doors to new ways of tackling cancer. 


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