Neuronal circuits and behaviour

Research opportunity for a postdoctoral clinical fellow in Florencia Iacaruso’s lab.

The project

The brain has the remarkable capacity to integrate sensory signals of entirely different modalities to construct a complex representation of the environment and drive behaviour. This is achieved by highly organised neuronal circuits that have the capacity for experience dependent change.  

We aim to uncover the principles that determine the functional organisation of multisensory neuronal circuits, how this organization supports neuronal computations that give rise to perception and behaviour and how this organization is disrupted in neurological disorders.

The lab tackles these questions by observing and manipulating neuronal activity at the synaptic, single neuron, circuit and system levels, using quantitative behavioural tasks and a battery of state-of-the-art neuroscientific methods. Clinicians with either wet lab or dry lab background or both would be welcome to discuss projects.