Stem cells and neuromuscular regeneration

Research opportunity for a postdoctoral clinical fellow in Francesco Saverio Tedesco’s lab.

The project

The Stem Cells and Neuromuscular Regeneration Laboratory studies how stem cells control regeneration of skeletal muscles.

In particular, we study how muscle regeneration could be improved to develop treatments for severe and incurable diseases like muscular dystrophies. Our work pioneered the use of human artificial chromosomes and pluripotent stem cells for developing gene and cell therapies for muscle disorders. More recently, we have been investigating the use of small molecules to improve muscle stem cell delivery and the application of novel stem cell-derived artificial muscles for complex disease modelling and tissue engineering. Prof. Tedesco is a clinician-scientist and the vast majority of the laboratory’s projects have a strong translational component. Clinicians interested in stem cell-based disease modelling, gene therapy and tissue engineering of skeletal muscle are welcome to discuss details of specific projects.