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Crick-Calleva Summer Student programme


Applications are currently closed

  • Week beginning 6 January

    Applications open

  • 6 February 2020

    Applications close at noon GMT

  • 13 February 2020

    Deadline for referees to submit references

  • By 12 March 2020

    Applicants notified of the outcome of their application (either unsuccessful or invited to interview)

  • 30 March 2020

    Interviews at the Crick

  • By 6 April 2020

    Interviewees informed of final outcome

  • 6 July 2020

    Placements start

Our nine-week summer student programme provides bright, ambitious undergraduates considering a future in biomedical research with hands-on experience of what it's like to work in a research lab.

You will be paired with a postdoctoral supervisor, who will train and supervise you as you participate in institute life over the summer.

You'll benefit from a supportive and stimulating research environment, and scientific and transferable skills training. The types of techniques that you learn will depend on the project and could include molecular biology, cell biology, biochemical, biophysical and computational biology techniques. 

The programme

The programme starts with an induction to introduce you to the Crick, working in its labs, and to each other. During the summer, you will work on your projects and have the opportunity to participate in various student activities including attending a workshop on finding a PhD position.

You will also receive training in scientific presentation skills prior to presenting your work at the Crick-Calleva Summer Student Symposium - a programme highlight at the end of the summer!

The importance of 'trying out' research

Hear from some of our undergraduate students on how their time at the Crick showed them what life in the lab is really like.

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What we offer

Successful applicants are provided with:

  • a place on the Crick-Calleva summer student programme;
  • a 9-week full-time (36 hours per week) contract of employment as a Summer Placement Laboratory Research Assistant;
  • a salary that meets the London Living Wage to cover living and travel costs during the placement.


    Eligibility requirements

    Applicants must:

    • have the legal right to work in the UK.
    • be registered at a UK university, and studying in the UK for an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline;
    • not be in their final year of study at the time of applying (for further details see below);

    Further eligibility information

    • Students studying for degrees at universities outside the UK are not eligible for the programme.
    • Students studying on a postgraduate Masters degree are not eligible for the programme.
    • Students who have applied for a place on the Crick Sandwich Student programme may apply for the Crick-Calleva summer student programme. However, they will not receive an offer for both programmes.

    When can i apply?

    Vicky and Liz quotes

    Vicky Alexiou

    Vicky Alexiou, Immune Receptor Activation Laboratory


    I was interested in taking up a lab experience in biomedical research so Crick felt like the perfect place.

    As I working on a wet lab project, I got a lot of hands-on experience on advanced techniques such as tissue culture, CRISPR and flow cytometry that wouldn't be available as part of undergraduate labs. It's a great feeling when you slowly gain independence in the lab and start feeling like you are part of a team.

    Liz Cheng.

    Liz Cheng, Signalling in Apicomplexan Parasites Laboratory


    I had a little bit of previous lab research experience, but this summer at the Crick has been the most rewarding summer internship I've done, both in terms of the knowledge and skills I've learnt, and the people I've met.

    There was a real opportunity to use the knowledge I had to the contribute towards the discovery of something new - like a real scientist.