Work experience: cancer biology

A lab-based work experience placement for 3 - 7 August 2020.


Placement details

Age of eligible student (at the start of the placement): 16-19 years

Placement dates: 03 August - 07 August 2020

Application deadline: 04 March 2020

Placement code: Crick 0327

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About the placement

Billions of new cells are made in the body every day. Cells multiply by dividing. This process is very tightly organised so that new cells are made only when and where they are needed. Faults in key genes controlling cell division (known as oncogenes) cause cells to multiply out of control, leading to cancer. We are investigating how oncogenes function in healthy cells, and finding out what happens when they go wrong. 

We are particularly interested in an oncogene known as Ras, which is faulty in around one in five cancers including bowel, pancreas and lung tumours. In cancer cells Ras is permanently 'switched on' and overactive, so the cells keep growing out of control. Finding out how to 'switch off' Ras signalling could be a powerful way to treat cancer.

About you

It is expected that all students accepted for a placement at the Crick are punctual, responsible, show a willingness to learn, listen to advice and act on feedback. For this placement, you should also:

  • be interested in molecular biology,
  • be interested in biochemistry,
  • show good attention to detail,
  • be proactive,
  • have good maths skills,
  • be a team player, and
  • be a problem solver.