We are always on the lookout for talented scientists from all over the world to join our vibrant research community.


Postdocs are essential to the Crick, carrying out ambitious multidisciplinary research to improve our understanding of biology, health and disease.

As a postdoc at the Crick, you will benefit from the support and guidance of your colleagues and group leader or PI.

You will also work with our facilities, who have the state-of-the-art expertise and resources to advance your projects through different technical approaches.

You will join our world-class postdoc training programme, developed in consultation with our postdocs to help you make the most of your time at the Crick and prepare you for your future career.

Our programme aligns with the Vitae Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers, which the Crick signed in 2021.

The Concordat provides a framework for improving the working environment and career development for postdocs, two things that are embedded in the Crick’s overall strategy, as well as the postdoc training programme.

Our postdoc training programme

Our postdoc community

Our postdoc community

There are around 400 postdocs working in the Crick at any one time, making them our largest group of scientists.

Postdocs are one of the most international groups at the Crick – approximately 25% are from the UK, 45% come from EU countries and 30% are from further afield.

Postdoc Committee

Our Postdoc Committee, made up of more than 20 representatives from across the institute, is at the heart of our postdoc community.

The committee meets regularly to discuss and advise on all matters relating to postdocs including the postdoc training programme, and to organise various academic and social activities, including the annual Crick Postdoc Symposium. Once a year, the committee meets with the Crick’s director Paul Nurse to discuss issues that specifically affect the Crick’s postdoc community.

The postdoc committee has introduced postdoc breakfast and evening socials. Postdoc reps kickstarted our Lab Culture Forum, which has already implemented several new initiatives to enhance our research culture.

The Committee makes sure the postdoc voice is represented in key decision-making fora like the Staff Consultative Forum and others. The committee also helps HR and other teams at the Crick to develop communications materials for postdocs inside and outside the Crick.


We have over 1,700 members in more than 30 countries registered on our online alumni network, CrickConnect. Our growing network of international alumni provides plenty of networking, mentorship, collaboration and career development opportunities.

Next destinations of Crick postdocs

Next destinations of Crick postdocs

Data snapshot from January 2023.