Postdoc recruitment


Postdoc recruitment at the Crick is open all year round, and we always want to hear from motivated researchers who are keen to contribute to world-class science.

About postdoc recruitment

Open to the world

The Crick covers visa costs for our international scientists and their families, including the NHS surcharge that lets people access the UK’s health service.

We also cover Schengen visa costs to attend scientific conferences or visit other institutions for your research project.

Fair recruiting practices

We are committed to fair recruitment practices. Our selection will always be based on merit, making sure that the best candidate is selected for the job.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and we will make every effort to provide any reasonable adjustments required to take part in our recruitment or interview processes.

How we hire

Advertised vacancies

When a lab is actively looking for a new postdoc to join their group, they will advertise a Crick postdoctoral fellowship through our recruitment system, Workday.

The roles are listed at the bottom of this page. When applying, you will be asked for an academic CV, a cover letter detailing your research plans and motiviation for working at the Crick and in that lab, and academic referee details.

Prospective applications

Even if a lab doesn't have an open postdoc vacancy listed, they might still be open to approaches from potential postdocs.

If you are interested in a lab that doesn't have a vacancy listed, visit the lab's page on our website and go to their 'Vacancies' page to see how the group leader would like to be contacted.

If an opportunity becomes available, the application process will be the same as for advertised vacancies.