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We’re looking for organisations to host exceptional PhD students for a work placement.
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At the Crick, we develop early career talent and create future leaders who can excel within and beyond academia.

One way that we do this is by expanding our PhD students’ horizons through our work placement programme.

Our work placement programme

The programme aims to give our students the opportunity to develop their skills and learn more about career prospects outside of the traditional academic path.

We partner with organisations in any science-related field other than academic research. We regularly have students interested in pharma, biotech, data science, science policy, science communication, publishing, research administration, and teaching, among others.

The placements are very flexible. They can happen at any time during the year for up to four weeks (visa restrictions might apply), and work placement activities can be tailored to your organisation. The placement can be in person, hybrid or fully remote - any format that would give students a chance to experience a different role and understand how their skills are applicable in different scenarios.

An important part of the programme is the connection we build with the host organisation. Hosts will have the opportunity to visit the Crick following the work placement, and there will be future opportunities to promote their organisation to our scientists.

The Crick will continue to pay the PhD student stipend throughout their work placement.

Our students

Work placements are open to students in their second or third year of our competitive PhD programme.

At this stage, they will have completed training in a range of areas including science communication and scientific translation, and have developed sound technical and transferrable skills. As a host, you can help them realise how valuable they can be in your field!

The work placement programme is voluntary and very popular, the students involved are eager to gain insight and experience in their chosen field.

The Crick PhD programme

We have more than 200 PhD students at the Crick at any one time, and we're committed to supporting every student in their professional development.

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How to become a host

A huge range of science-related organisations are already involved in our work placement programme. If you would like to get involved as a host, please send us an email with a brief description of your organisation and potential work placement area. 

"During her placement Megan made substantial contributions to a project we are actively developing. Her work led to a ~30% increase in model accuracy over our previous best efforts.” ­– Pivigo, previous placement host

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