Master's and undergraduate students


If you're registered for a master's or undergraduate degree in the UK we can host you to complete your thesis project.

You can spend up to nine months in a host laboratory at the Crick. You should usually have your own funding to support your living costs while you are here.

You must meet the following criteria.

  • You should have the right to live and work/study in the UK.
  • You should be registered on a degree programme within the UK.
  • The project work undertaken at the Crick must be used to fulfill degree assessment requirements at your home institution.
  • You should have sufficient funding to support your living costs while at the Crick.

Get in touch

If you're interested in undertaking a research project in any of our research groups, please contact Crick group leaders directly to ask about the possibility of being hosted in their lab. 

See the research section of the website for information on Crick group leaders and their research areas.

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