Mechanisms and regulation of chromosome segregation

A Crick PhD position for the 2021 programme in the lab of Frank Uhlmann. 

Project background and description

In the Chromosome Segregation Laboratory, we investigate molecular mechanisms that underpin faithful chromosome segregation during cell division. We use yeast as a model organism to study the contribution of structural chromosomal proteins to sister chromatid cohesion and chromosome condensation, essential processes that ensure faithful segregation of centimetre-long chromosomal DNA molecules within micrometre-sized cells. We also investigate how kinases and phosphatases of the cell cycle control network orchestrate the ordered progression through the successive stages of genome duplication and chromosome segregation. We have reached a stage where many of the key chromosome and cell cycle players have been identified and our focus turns to unravelling the fascinating mechanisms by which these molecular machines accomplish their tasks.[1-5]

Below are two reviews on the subject, as well as examples of publications from PhD students who recently graduated from our lab.

Candidate background

This project requires a strong interest in molecular mechanisms that underlie fundamental cellular processes. Techniques range from molecular genetics and genomics to protein biochemistry and proteomics.


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