Postdoctoral Training Fellow- H Yardimci lab

Postdoctoral Training Fellows are expected to lead their own projects and collaborate within the lab and externally. The ability to work in a team is essential.

Key information

Job reference
From £40,125 per annum with benefits, subject to skills and experience
Hours per week
36 (full time)
Posted 28 September 2022
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Postdoctoral Training Fellow – H Yardimci lab

Reporting to: Hasan Yardimci, Senior Group Leader

Contact term: This is a full-time, fixed term 4 years position on Crick terms and conditions of employment.

The Research Group

Our laboratory investigates processes involved in eukaryotic DNA replication and genome maintenance using conventional biochemistry and single-molecule visualization tools. To study eukaryotic replication, we use a number of model systems including Xenopus egg extracts and a reconstituted system with purified proteins. The group currently consists of around 6 researchers including PhD students, postdocs and laboratory research scientists. For more information see the laboratory website.

The Project

We are interested in elucidating how the eukaryotic replisome navigates through the protein-rich chromatin environment. To this end, we are using single-molecule imaging techniques to visualise the outcome of replication fork collision with natural protein barriers including nucleosomes, pre-replication complexes and cohesin complexes. By direct visualisation of replisome progression through nucleosomal DNA templates in frog egg extracts, we have previously shown that efficiency of parental histone recycling is altered by free histone concentration (Gruszka et al, 2019. Sci Adv). The current project is focused on elucidating how different replisome components and histone chaperones facilitate transfer of parental histones onto newly replicated DNA.

Postdoctoral Training Fellows will lead their own projects, contribute to other projects on a collaborative basis (both in the lab and with external collaborators) and may guide PhD students in their research. The ability to work in a team is essential.

Informal enquiries are welcome, and should be directed to Hasan Yardimci (

Key experience and competencies

The post holder should embody and demonstrate our core Crick values: bold, imaginative, open, dynamic and collegial, in addition to the following:


  • PhD (including but not limited  biochemistry and biophysics) or in the final stages of PhD submission
  • Strong interest in chromosome duplication
  • Track record of writing papers as evidenced by publications or submitted manuscripts in referred journals
  • Evidence of data presentation at scientific meetings
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and also capable of interacting within a group


  • Experience in protein biochemistry
  • Experience in working with nucleic acid processing enzymes
  • Experience in single-molecule methods including TIRF microscopy

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  • If you are interested in applying for this role, please apply via our website.
  • The closing date for applications is 04/09/2022 at 23:59
  • All offers of employment are subject to successful security screening and continuous eligibility to work in the United Kingdom.
  • If you require a visa to work in the UK we will help support your application should you be successful