Work experience / Easter holidays (This placement closes at 23:59 on Thursday 29th February.)

Work experience project

Part of the Crick's work experience programme. Learn more about work experience.

A science-based work experience placement which runs from 02 April to 12 April 2024.

Each placement will be one week in length - when completing the application, you will be able to select either the week of the 1st or week of the 8th April to take part in a placement (the 1st April is a Bank Holiday, so the first week would be a four-day placement from the 2nd-5th April).

Deadline for applications has passed.

Key information

Applications closed
01 March 2024, 00:01
Placement start date
02 April 2024
Placement end date
12 April 2024
Placement age range (at the start of the placement)
16-19 years
Posted 15 February 2024

PLEASE NOTE: this placement closes at 23:59 on Thursday 29th February.

The Francis Crick Institute is a biomedical research institute. We want to understand more about how living things work to help improve treatment, diagnosis and prevention of human diseases. The Crick has over 100 different laboratories, from labs aiming to understand our brains, to uncovering the unknown about our cells and how they replicate, to understanding specific diseases such as cancer, malaria and tuberculosis and how our immune system works. 

We are offering a number of placements this Easter holidays (2nd-5th or 8th-12th April) across our institute to gain experience in our research teams, working in our laboratories gaining practical experience. You’ll be able to outline what you are interested in, and we’ll then try to match you to a placement that aligns with your interests/goals for the future. 

In order for us to match you to a placement that suits your interests, before starting this application, have a think about why you want to take part. Do you want to gain specific skills in the lab? Do you want to gain transferrable skills like communicating with others or working in a team? Do you want to use the placement to better understand what you want to study in the future, or what job you might want to do?

Please remember when completing this application – the more information you can give us, the more likely we’ll be to be able to match you to a placement!

To be eligible for our science placements, you must be aged 16-19, and either attend a state school within the borough of Camden, or live in the borough of Camden and attend a state school elsewhere. More details on our work experience programme can be found on our website here: note: it is not guaranteed you will be matched with a placement this April.