What are cookies?

Cookies are little files of data that are sent from a website that you visit to your browser and are stored on the device you are using to access the internet.

Why does the Crick website use them?

Cookies allow us to perform a variety of functions that help us to provide the best user experience for visitors. For example, these functions help us to identify which articles or sections of the website are the most popular or the journey a visitor takes when viewing content.

Which cookies does the Crick website use?

The cookies used by the Crick website and the function that they serve are outlined below:

utma, utmb, utmc, utmz

These cookies are used by our website through the Google Analytics service to track the use of the website by visitors. We cannot identify any individual user using analytics data but it provides aggregate statistics that show popular content and visitor journeys through the site.

psc, uid, uit, uvc

We also use a third party service, AddThis, which provides options for visitors to share content found on our website through email and social networking services (such as Facebook and Twitter). This data is used in aggregate form so that so that we can monitor the most popular sharing tools.

You can find more information about the AddThis privacy policy  here.

Need more information on cookies and how to control or disable them in your browser?

For general information about cookies, and how to control and disable them in your web browser, please visit