Gender pay gap

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We're committed to creating equality of opportunity and promoting diversity and inclusion. This is the right thing to do and we know that with greater diversity comes better science because diverse groups of people have a wider range of experiences and perspectives, leading to greater creativity and productivity.  

The gender pay gap and equal pay

The gender pay gap between women and men is not the same as equal pay for men and women.

We are an equal pay employer. However, we have a gender pay gap and continue to work towards addressing that gap.

Since 2018, all UK employers with more than 250 staff have been required by government to publish data annually on their gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is the difference in average earnings between all men and women across an organisation, regardless of the work they perform.

Equal pay is where men and women in one organisation are paid the same for the same or similar work. This has been a legal requirement for more than 50 years.