Symposium success

Discussion at the first Crick symposium.

The theme of the first Crick symposium, which took place at the Wellcome Collection on 2 July, was Metabolism in Health and Disease.

The speakers included Alex Gould from the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Steve O’Rahilly, director of the Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories and Linda Partridge, director at the Institute of Healthy Ageing, UCL.  

Jim Smith, director of NIMR who opened the event said: "Scientists met to discuss metabolism, the science of how our bodies use food to create energy and new cellular material. The meeting was very successful, covering many aspects of normal metabolism, how these processes go wrong in cancer, diabetes or ageing, and how future research might lead to new therapies in those areas.  Feedback from attendees was very positive and the event successfully showed the ways in which scientists from across the Crick partners are already collaborating."

There will be three Crick symposia each year with national and international speakers in a scientific area relevant to the Crick’s work. The aim of the events is to promote collaborative working and high quality science among Crick partner organisations and raise the profile of the Crick externally. 

The next symposium will be held on the 1 November at Senate House, University of London. The theme is Infection and Immunity. There will be speakers from King’s College London, the London Research Institute (LRI) and Yale University. To see the programme in full and for details of how to register, please click here or email us at  

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