Dancing parapodia image wins top prize

  • Date created: 31 October 2012

Anne Weston of Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute (now part of the Francis Crick Institute) won first prize in the Royal Microscopic Society's Biennial Micrograph Competition for her image titled "Dancing parapodia".

Her image was of parapodia - the appendages used for movement - on a ragworm's body. There are two parapodia on each of the ragworm's many body segments and they are covered in bristles called chaetae. These chaetae are clearly visible in Dr Weston's image.

The image was taken using a scanning electron microscope - which focuses a beam of electrons over a sample to produce an image of its surface, including its topography and composition. Colour was then added to the picture.

The announcement of Dr Weston's win was made at this year's European Microscopy Congress 2012 in Manchester in September.

The London Research Institute's Electron Microscope Facility has won a number of awards over the years, including two awards to Dr Weston earlier this year in the Wellcome Image Awards.

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