Crick publishes first annual review

Annual review 2015-2016

Read the annual review.

The 40-page booklet gives a summary of our activities in 2015/16 including highlights from the year and our scientific achievements.


The review covers our first year of operation, 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. It outlines our progress and achievements in delivering our three key tasks in parallel: pursuing the highest quality discovery science; establishing a new institute from the merger of our parent institutes; and completing the construction and commissioning of the Crick Laboratory.

In the introduction, Paul Nurse says: "This review offers a small selection from the more than 400 papers we have published during the year, but it gives a flavour of the range, depth and importance of our scientists' work - from understanding Down syndrome, to generating insights about cancer immunotherapy, to unravelling the fundamentals of life, such as how DNA replicates."

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