Francis Crick Institute publishes open access and data management policies

Policies on open access to published research (pdf) and the availability and reliability of experimental data (pdf) have been published on the Francis Crick Institute's website.

While these policies were already in effect, their online publication comes in Open Access Week. This international effort seeks to promote the benefits of open access - free online access to the results of scholarly research and the right to use those results in other work.

Read the policies

The Crick policies reflect a commitment to ensure that the institute's experimental data are transparent, reproducible and openly available, as outlined in the Crick's strategy 'Discovery without Boundaries'.

These outcomes are best facilitated if the published outputs of research are openly and immediately available, without requiring a subscription to a journal or a fee to read a paper.

The Crick also recognises that research data generated by the institute should be made available to researchers and other users with as few restrictions as possible, where legally, commercially and ethically appropriate.

The open access policy and the data management policy apply to all data generated at the Francis Crick Institute and research collaborations.

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