The Crick comes together for second all-institute meeting

Audience watching presentation at the 2nd Autumn Science Meeting

Hundreds of Crick scientists came together for our second annual Autumn Science Meeting, with nearly 50 of our researchers presenting their work across two days and colleagues from across the institute attending to hear from fellow scientists. 

The meeting is part of our commitment to fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation by bringing scientists together. 

Group leaders, heads of our science technology platforms and postdocs gave presentations and took questions from colleagues. There were also poster and networking sessions to encourage conversation across different research and technology areas.

There are many day-to-day opportunities for researchers to get together and talk about their science at the Crick, including weekly seminars organised around research themes, and a number of cross-cutting science clubs and forums. Our building is also organised in such a way that people are drawn together into our open collaboration spaces, and can easily bump into each other.

The Autumn Meeting offers an opportunity for everyday work to be suspended, and our scientists to focus purely on scientific discourse.

Senior Group Leader Anne O’Garra, who is part of the team that created and organises the Autumn Science Meeting, explained: “We’ve only been in the building together since 2017, so I’m very excited that our second ever attempt at running this event has gone so well. 

“I’m particularly pleased to see how it has brought together people from all across the Crick. Collaboration is a key part of the Crick’s ethos, but it takes work and is an ongoing process, so I’m delighted to see how many of our colleagues have embraced that and come along to join in and hear from each other.”


Sign advertising the Autumn Science Meeting

The Autumn Science Meeting aims to get researchers out of their labs to hear about the breadth of research going on at the Crick.

Group leader Lucia Prieto-Godino presenting her research

Group leader Lucia Prieto-Godino presenting her research

Discussion over coffee in the Crick café

Discussion over coffee in the Crick café

Two people discuss a poster

More than 70 posters were presented at the meeting

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