EMBO welcomes new Crick members

Katrin Rittinger and James Turner, Crick group leaders and newly elected EMBO fellows

Crick group leaders Katrin Rittinger and James Turner have been elected as members of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in recognition of their high-quality life sciences research.

EMBO is an organisation of more than 1,800 leading researchers which promotes excellence in the life sciences in Europe and beyond. Becoming a member of EMBO gives scientists the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other molecular biologists working on the continent.

Paul Nurse, Director of the Crick and Secretary General of EMBO, said: "This is well-deserved recognition for two outstanding molecular biologists whose fundamental discoveries help shape our understanding of human health and disease."

Katrin studies how proteins inside a cell communicate with each other to respond to changes in their environment, such as infection by bacteria and viruses. By looking at what happens when this communication goes wrong, her lab hopes to shed light on a range of diseases including auto-immune and inflammatory disorders, and contribute to the development of new treatments.

She said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been elected to EMBO membership. EMBO Is a fantastic organisation that promotes excellence in research and mobility of researchers across Europe and has built a great community. I am extremely grateful to all my past and present team members that have made this recognition possible.

James’s lab focusses on sex chromosomes – the X and Y chromosomes which determine whether we are female (XX) or male (XY). By studying these chromosomes in a range of mammals, his team wants to work out their impact on health and disease. Their research also reveals some of the genetic and molecular causes of infertility in humans and other animals.

He said: “Being elected to EMBO is a wonderful recognition of our work and I’m really honoured to become part of it. It wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of past and current people in my team and the support of our funders”.

Katrin and James are two of the 56 new EMBO members elected this year. They will be formally welcomed at the Members' Meeting in Heidelberg between 29 and 31 October 2019.

EMBO Director Maria Leptin said: “EMBO Members are excellent scientists who conduct research at the forefront of all life science disciplines, ranging from computational models or analyses of single molecules and cellular mechanics to the study of higher-order systems in development, cognitive neuroscience and evolution.”

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