Record number of visitors at the Crick's Discovery Day

On 15 June 2019, the Crick opened its doors and hosted our annual day of family fun, where visitors can meet Crick scientists and technicians and find out about the work that happens here. We welcomed more than 1500 visitors to this year's event for a day of hands-on science and fun.

Discovery Day is the Crick’s annual day of family fun, with a packed programme of drop in activities, pop-up talks, science shows and workshops. 

Bubble performer at the Crick's 2019 Discovery Day.

This year, a hula hooper and bubble maker welcomed visitors outside the Crick, alongside a 'Talkaoke' table where visitors were invited to sit down and join in science themed discussions that ranged from robots and AI to designer babies.

Once inside, hundreds of visitors took the chance to get hands-on with a huge variety of activities, including looking at mosquito larvae under the microscope, dressing up in protective clothing and posing for a selfie, building viruses and creating their own cell types. Visitors could don a labcoat and discover the science of fireworks, or be entertained by professional science communicators Emily Grossman and Dan Plane, who presented their science shows to a packed Auditorium and celebrated the fact that science is all about asking ‘why?’.

The 1500 visitors were a mix of people from the local community and from further afield, across London and beyond. The photos below give a taste of just some of the activities that were on offer.

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