Peter Ratcliffe and Charles Swanton elected to join the AACR Academy

Peter Ratcliffe.

Peter Ratcliffe

2019 Nobel Prize winner, Peter Ratcliffe, and renowned cancer researcher, Charles Swanton, have been elected to join the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Academy as Fellows. 

The AACR Academy recognises scientists whose contributions have led to significant innovation and progress against cancer. The Fellows who make up the academy are all working through research, education, communication, advocacy and funding, to prevent and cure this disease. 

Charlie Swanton.

Peter Ratcliffe, Director of Clinical Research at the Crick and of the Target Discovery Institute at Oxford University, has been recognised for his work identifying oxygen sensing and signalling pathways that are important to understand how tumours develop and grow. This was part of his research into how cells respond to a lack of oxygen, for which he was awarded a 2019 Nobel Prize

“Joining the academy is a great honour. Research into oxygen depletion relates to many diseases including cancer and anaemia, and I hope it will help to lead to an increased understanding of how these conditions affect the body, and importantly, how to best to treat them,” says Peter.

Charles Swanton, Cancer Research UK’s chief clinician, Group Leader at the Crick and UCL, and Consultant at UCLH, has been elected for his research into cancer evolution, including how this can lead to drug resistance.

“I’m extremely grateful for this international recognition for the work we’re carrying out to better understand how cancers evolve in the body. By looking at how tumours change and grow over time, we’re searching for weaknesses in this process which could become targets for new treatments,” says Charles.

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