New exhibition celebrates the remarkable legacy of the Crick’s founding institutes

Pathway to discovery

As the Francis Crick Institute celebrates its five-year anniversary, it is taking a look back at the extraordinary history of the scientific laboratories from which it was formed, the Medical Research Council's National Institute for Medical Research and Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute at Lincoln's Inn Fields and Clare Hall.

The new exhibition, Pathway to Discovery, opens on 8 April 2022 on Dangoor Walk, the walkway between the Crick and the British Library. It tells the story of a selection of breakthroughs in understanding the biology of human health and disease, made by scientists at the Crick’s founding institutes.

Visitors to Pathway to Discovery can explore these stories over ten colourful panels lining the path, each dedicated to a different discovery in research areas including cancer and infectious disease. 

Mill Hill Influenza Centre

The exhibition highlights scientific discoveries from the Crick's founding research institutes.

The exhibition also shows how the work of these renowned research institutes laid the foundations for the Crick today, where scientists continue to investigate how our bodies work, and what we can do to prevent and treat disease.

Members of the public can visit the open-air display at any time until Autumn 2023, bringing inspiring stories of scientific discovery to an even wider audience.

Rosie Waldron, head of public engagement at the Crick says: “Science works in steps, with researchers of today building on discoveries from years earlier, moving forward to a stronger understanding of health and biology. This is what this exhibition celebrates and showcases, and we hope people will enjoy reading about over a hundred years of life-changing discoveries.”

Pathway to Discovery is curated by Anna Faherty, illustrated by Lauren Doughty and designed by Hato, with science writing from Kathy Weston. Dangoor Walk where the exhibition is located gets its name from Dangoor Education which funds public engagement at the Crick.  

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