Academy of Medical Sciences welcomes new Crick Fellows

Crick group leaders Carola Vinuesa and Dominique Bonnet, and the Crick’s Director of Translation, Véronique Birault, have been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in recognition of their outstanding work advancing biomedical and health science.

The Academy of Medical Sciences is an independent body representing UK medical science, which aims to advance biomedical and health research to benefit society. Every year new fellows are elected for their contributions to biomedical research - cutting edge discoveries, and translating developments into benefits for patients and wider society.


Carola Vinuesa

Carola has been elected for her world-leading work on the discovery of follicular T cell subsets and the mechanisms by which they regulate antibody responses as well as her work uncovering pathogenic pathways in human autoimmunity through the identification and functional exploration of rare gene variants.

“It is an incredible honour to become part of this Academy, a tribute that I owe to the exceptional scientists that have worked as part of my team over the years,” said Carola. 

Carola Vinuesa
Carola Vinuesa, head of the Crick's Autoimmunity Laboratory.


Dominique Bonnet

Dominique is elected for her work on understanding the mechanisms regulating human normal blood stem cells and cancer stem cells as well as the essential role of the bone marrow microenvironment in this regulation.

“Election to the Academy of Medical Sciences is a tremendous honour for me”, said Dominique. “I would like to share this honour with all the present and past members of my group as it is mostly thanks to their brilliant work that I am being awarding.”

Dominique Bonnet
Dominique Bonnet, head of the Crick's Haematopoietic Stem Cell Laboratory.


Véronique Birault

Véronique is elected for her work translating scientific discoveries into benefits for patients, creating programmes that bring scientists from academia and industry together, and contributing to the scientific understanding of the mechanism of action and role of unprecedented targets in the clinic.

"I am absolutely delighted to have been elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences," said Véronique. "It’s an enormous honour. Translational science is a team effort! I have been very fortunate to work over 20 years with an extremely talented group of people, and this recognition is most certainly for them as much as it is for me.”

Veronique Birault
Véronique Birault, Director of Translation at the Crick.


Many congratulations to Carola, Dominique and Véronique for this much-deserved honour in recognition of their significant contributions to biomedical research. It’s brilliant to see different aspects of the research pipeline being recognised, from discovery to translation and toward benefits for society.
Paul Nurse, Director of the Crick


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