The Crick collaborates in ventures with British Land, BlackRock and Reef Group to accelerate the growth of London’s Knowledge Quarter as a world leading life sciences and AI/Biotech destination

The Francis Crick Institute has announced today (Tuesday 6 February) that it will work with British Land, BlackRock through its Real Estate Business, and Reef Group, to create two new spaces in Euston and King’s Cross that will be home to commercial companies working in life sciences, AI/Biotech and health. 

These innovative collaborations, one at Regent’s Place which is being delivered by British Land, and one at Tribeca, which is being delivered by BlackRock and Reef Group, build the foundation for the Crick to extend its mission to use its science to benefit human health and society.

Companies with a focus broadly aligned to the Institute’s scientific goals in biomedicine will be able to occupy highly serviced state-of-the-art laboratories and office space in close proximity to the Francis Crick Institute and community of researchers, extending the reach of Crick discoveries and becoming part of a globally competitive location for entrepreneurship, technology and idea-generation.

The Crick’s agility and outstanding reputation for discovery science are a strong driver for collaboration. Several world-leading companies already have established close working relationships with the Institute and are currently accessing Crick technology within its iconic Midland Road building.

The area around King’s Cross and Euston, known as the Knowledge Quarter, now has the promise to develop as a destination that applies original scientific findings and ground-breaking data engineering to some of the world’s biggest scientific challenges. The Crick’s mission in developing spaces for commercial partners is to realise one of its founding principles; to speed up the processes by which scientific discoveries deliver societal benefit including economic growth.

Sir Paul Nurse, chief executive of the Francis Crick Institute says: “Fundamental discovery research generates an almost unlimited pipeline of ideas that we know can be harnessed for the benefit of society. We need to collaborate with others to help capture this potential and turn it into ways that can improve human health and tackle disease.”

Sam Barrell, deputy chief executive of the Francis Crick Institute says: “This is a first step towards building a broad ecosystem of Crick-related activities in the King’s Cross area and beyond. To solve some of the world’s biggest scientific challenges, we need a plural environment where multiple organisations from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialisms come together.”

Both Regent’s Place and Tribeca London are located within easy reach of the Crick’s base at Midland Road. 

Notes to editors:

1)    The Crick is collaborating with British Land on space at 20 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, 30,000 sq ft. of which will be delivered in October 2024.

2)    The Crick is collaborating with BlackRock and Reef Group on 52,000 sq. ft. of space at Tribeca in King’s Cross. 

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