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July 2012

Science busking

Science buskers prepare for the Olympics at St Pancras and Granary Square.

Science buskers prepare for the Olympics at St Pancras and Granary Square.

This summer, the Crick will entertain, educate and inform people flocking to St Pancras International to catch the Javelin train to the Olympic Park in Stratford. The aim is to raise awareness of the Crick and the strength of British science among an international audience.

More than 30 volunteers from Camden and beyond have undergone a training course to become ‘Crick Science Buskers’. Over two days in June, the volunteers picked up valuable presentation skills and learned the scientific secrets behind a range of hands-on demonstrations that they will perform to thousands of people queuing at St Pancras Station during the Olympic Games.

The volunteers described the training, led by science communicators Ken Farquhar and Sara Santos, as a real success. “I have learned how to explain science in a simple and confident way,” said one volunteer. Another described how much they enjoyed the coaching: “The trainers were really good, and going out and actually having a go at the station really helped to build my confidence to approach people.”

The Crick Science Buskers will showcase their talents on Midland Road, outside the Crick’s construction site, during the Games period (26 July – 11 August), so if you are lucky enough to have tickets then keep your eyes peeled for them. Alternatively, you can catch the Science Buskers in action at the START Festival in Somers Town on 14 July.