Crick News


February 2014

Construction catchup

The Crick from the air, taken January 2014

The Crick from the air, taken January 2014
© Laing O'Rourke

Despite the seemingly endless days of rain this winter, it hasn't dampened spirits at the Crick construction site where over 1000 workers are concentrating on completing the building over the next year.

On the exterior of the building, the roof louvers are gradually enclosing the roof and encapsulating the services equipment located within, and the remaining glass panels are being installed on the atrium roof. In addition, the glazing on the north and south atrium facades is being installed followed by that on the eastern end of the building which will have a striking 30 metre high glass entrance. The building is currently on track to be water-tight by the end of April. 

All 32 chimneys are in place and the institute's two generators are being installed on the roof of the building, essential in the case of a power cut or failure once the institute is operational.

Internally, the white auditorium shell is complete and fit-out is due to start shortly. Painting and decorating is also progressing steadily, in particular in the basement where over 60% of the laboratories have been painted. Two of the six final staircases are now in as well as several of the 22 lifts.

In the summer of this year, the two remaining tower cranes will be dismantled as there will be no further use for permanent cranes on site.