Crick News


September 2017

Spanish Royal visit


King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, accompanied by the Duke of York, visited the Francis Crick Institute on Friday 14 July as part of their three-day state visit to the UK.

Sir Paul Nurse, Director of the Crick, welcomed the King and Queen as they arrived and took them on a tour of some of the Crick's state-of-the-art biomedical facilities, including the Advanced Sequencing Lab and his own Cell Cycle Lab. They were joined by the universities and science minister, Jo Johnson, and Spanish Secretary of State of Investigation, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela.

Elgar labGreg Elgar tells their Majesties about his research in the Advanced Sequencing lab. Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome.

MicroscopeThe King observes yeast cells down a microscope in Paul Nurse's Cell Cycle Lab. Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome.

After the tour, their Majesties met 35 of the Crick's Spanish staff, including Group Leader Patricia Barral alongside fellow scientists and service partners. At the reception in the Crick's Manby Gallery, they were joined by an additional 29 Spanish scientists from the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK, giving them a chance to chat to a variety of Spanish nationals living and working in the UK.

Crick scientistsTheir Majesties meet Spanish staff at the Crick. Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome.

King MinglingThe King mingling with Spanish staff at the Crick. Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome.

After mingling over refreshments, their Majesties signed the Crick's visitors' book before setting off for the University of Oxford, where they concluded their state visit.

Visitors' bookThe King signs the Crick visitors' book. Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome.

Goodbye shotDirector of the Crick Sir Paul Nurse, Chairman of the Board Sir David Cooksey, King Felipe VI of Spain, The Duke of York and Queen Letizia of Spain. Credit: Ben Gilbert, Wellcome.