Forthcoming events

The Francis Crick Institute organises and takes part in a range of public events to generate excitement about science and hosts regular scientific seminars and symposia to provide a forum for scientists, PhD students and scientific world leaders from around the world to share their ideas and stimulate discovery research. 

External Seminar: Dr Nikolay Ninov

Dr Nikolay Ninov, from Paul-Langerhans-Institut Dresden, will give a seminar at Lincoln's Inn Fields
09 February 2016

Young Embryologist Network Seminar

The aim of the network is to open lines of communication and create a diverse, interactive research community for PhD students, Post-Doc and young PI embryologists; essentially anybody who is at the bench.
09 February 2016

Neurophysiology Seminar at Mill Hill: Sebastian Haesler

Sebastian Haesler, from Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders, will give a seminar at Mill Hill.
12 February 2016

External Seminar: Dr Marisa Martin-Fernandez

Dr Marisa Martin-Fernandez, from Science & Technology Facilities Council, will give a seminar at Lincoln's Inn Fields
19 February 2016

Immunology Seminar

Dr Michael Sieweke, from Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy Parc Scientifique & Technologique de Luminy (Ciml) Marseille, France, will give a seminar at Lincoln's Inn Fields
26 February 2016

Immunology Seminar Seminar at Mill Hill: Sarah L. Gaffen

Sarah L. Gaffen, from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, will give a seminar at Mill Hill.
03 March 2016

Crick TB Symposium

Held on World TB day, this symposium will look at tuberculosis and the plethora of issues surrounding it. A range of research will be presented, from the history and spread of the disease, to the fight against drug resistance.
24 March 2016