Forthcoming events

The Francis Crick Institute organises and takes part in a range of public events to generate excitement about science as well as hosting regular scientific seminars and symposia for scientists from around the world, to share their ideas and stimulate discovery research. 

Molecular Neurobiology Seminar at Mill Hill: Fiona Doetsch

Fiona Doetsch from the University of Basel, Switzerland, will give a seminar at Mill Hill.
26 September 2016

Molecular Neurobiology Seminar at Mill Hill: Julian Heng

Julian Heng from The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, will give a seminar at Mill Hill.
27 September 2016

UCL Infection, Immunology and Inflammation Symposium 2016

This event, held in partnership with UCLPartners, will bring researchers together from across UCL, Queen Mary University Of London (QMUL) and beyond, enabling cross-disciplinary interaction and encouraging new collaborations.
08 November 2016

  • The Crick's opening programme will run from autumn 2016 until Spring 2017 and will incorporate a range of activities and events for the public, media and the local community. More details to come soon.
  • Auditorium hire:                 Staff from the Francis Crick Institute will start moving into our new building at St Pancras this summer.  During 2016 we will not be hiring out our auditorium or seminar suite to external organisations. This will be reviewed in 2017, once we have a complete understanding of our own requirements and use of these spaces. More information will be provided on our website in 2017.