Forthcoming events

The Francis Crick Institute organises and takes part in a range of public events to generate excitement about science as well as hosting regular scientific seminars and symposia for scientists from around the world, to share their ideas and stimulate discovery research. 

Microscopes to kaleidoscopes: art and science workshop

To coincide with the opening of The Francis Crick Institute’s first ever public exhibition, How do we look?, we’re running a series of free creative workshops exploring the world of scientific imaging.
21 January 2017

World Neuroscience Innovation Forum

Organized by Partners HealthCare, the World Neuroscience Innovation Forum is a tailored, neuroscience gathering.
27 March 2017

The Francis Crick Institute Microbiota Symposium

This symposium focuses on the role of microbiota in different organisms and tissue sites covering a range of disciplines, which are affected by the overarching role the microbiome plays in health and disease.
22 May 2017

1st Crick International Cancer Conference

The 1st Crick International Cancer Conference will bring together leading cancer scientists from all over the world to discuss the latest findings in cancer metabolism, the tumour microenvironment, and how the cancer genotype changes over time.
24 September 2017

The Francis Crick Institute and Dundee University Life Sciences Joint Symposium

This event will bring eminent researchers from the UK and the USA to discuss their latest signal transduction research in the areas of infections and immunity, neurobiology, development, cancer and therapeutic targeting.
12 November 2017

  • The Crick's opening programme will run from autumn 2016 until spring 2017 and will incorporate a range of activities and events for the public, media and the local community. More details to come soon.
  • We are not hiring out our auditorium or seminar suite to external organisations. This may be reviewed later in 2017, once we have a complete understanding of our own requirements and use of these spaces.