Festive fun in Somers Town

22 December 2011

Children in Somers Town have been creating festive decorations for The Francis Crick Institute's Tree of Life project.

Children from Edith Neville Primary School, St Mary and St Pancras Primary School, and St Aloysius Infant and Junior schools used a special modelling material to design and make their colourful sculptures, which they can hang on festive trees at home or in school.

The Tree of Life project, led by scientist and artist Dr Lizzie Burns encouraged children and parents to think about science in a fun, creative way. Dr Lizzie Burns said: "Trees of life have been celebrated by cultures across the world for thousands of years.  I'm hoping these decorations and trees will bring festivity to people of all cultures and backgrounds.  The decorations are inspired by life on this planet.  Most of life has been at the microscopic scale, and unlocking the secrets of our own cells and what can go wrong in disease helps us understand ourselves better and gives hopes for new treatments.  

"I've been amazed by how enthusiastically communities around Camden have embraced this project. We've seen some stunning work and so much talent, and as scientists been asked so many interesting questions about the microscopic world. Participants have not only created beautiful sculptures but they also tell so many magical stories."

Students from South Camden Community School also had a chance to take part at the Somers Town Community Association. "Art and science is so fun and I like this kind of thing," said a Year 5 pupil from Edith Neville Primary School. "The workshop was lots of fun and we really enjoyed it," added a parent at St Aloysius.