UKCMRI welcomes government commitment to funding

24 May 2010

George Osbourne and David Laws.

George Osbourne and David Laws.

UKCMRI has welcomed the Government's statement of support for the project to build a world-leading medical research institute in London.

The Medical Research Council, Cancer Research UK, the Wellcome Trust and UCL (University College London) have been working extremely closely to deliver the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI).

Government funding for UKCMRI, subject to the Government receiving a satisfactory business case at the end of the year, will now be provided as required over the next 5 years in parallel with construction, rather than funding in advance.

The founders have already invested more than £100m and will continue to invest confident that the required funding will be provided by the Government on a phased basis.

UKCMRI will be a world-leading biomedical research institute at the heart of an exceptional cluster of medical research and academic institutions in north London. The Government's commitment to providing its share of funds will help the founders develop this unique project. It will keep the UK at the forefront of research, strengthen the UK economy and help to deliver the discoveries that will transform people's lives.

Sir David Cooksey, chairman of the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation said: "We welcome the Government's support for UKCMRI. The review sees the Government's share of funding confirmed but delivered in a different way. It's clear that the commitment to UKCMRI's success remains. UKCMRI is a unique, long-term project that will enhance Britain's position at the leading edge of biomedical research. It will bring together and train the best scientists to examine the causes of some of the most intractable diseases facing the world. UKCMRI will bring benefits to patients, to the NHS and to the UK economy. The Government's commitment to the project reflects the importance of UKCMRI for science in the UK and globally."

The Government has made clear that it is committed to the project and it remains the top priority for the Medical Research Council. There will be no effect on the scope of the project nor its ambition.

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