Science news

Pioneering research points to a new class of targets for cancer and immune diseases

Scientists have identified molecules that orchestrate localised immune responses in our body tissues and may point to new treatments for cancer and inflammatory diseases.
15 September 2016

New insight into the progression of tuberculosis infection

Study suggests it may be possible to predict which people infected with TB will go on and develop the disease.
05 September 2016

Interferon shows promise as flu therapy

A molecule the body produces naturally in response to virus infection could be a viable flu treatment in the future, suggest researchers at the Crick.
01 September 2016

Crick team identifies new target for tuberculosis drug development

Scientists led by Dr Luiz Pedro Carvalho at the Crick have found a promising new target in the search for new tuberculosis drugs.
01 September 2016

Pollutants cause breathing problems by disrupting cell development

Chemicals found in car exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke disrupt genetic factors that make cilia – the brush-like structures on cells that sweep mucus, dirt and bacteria out of the lung.
24 August 2016