Science news

Pollutants cause breathing problems by disrupting cell development

Chemicals found in car exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke disrupt genetic factors that make cilia – the brush-like structures on cells that sweep mucus, dirt and bacteria out of the lung.
24 August 2016

Cryomicroscopy shows how flu virus fuses with host cell

Imaging influenza virus fusion with membranes provides new understanding of a key step in influenza virus infection.
08 August 2016

‘Spidey’ genes that regulate cell growth discovered in fruit flies

Francis Crick Institute scientists have discovered that a gene in fruit flies called ‘spidey’ regulates a key lipid-metabolising enzyme involved in cell growth and proliferation.
08 August 2016

Fibrosis discovery heralds new treatment hopes

A signaling protein called TPL-2 is crucial in preventing severe fibrosis.
03 August 2016

New antibody offers treatment hope for flu and may even lead to design of universal vaccine

A new antibody has promise as a potential treatment for influenza A – the source of seasonal and pandemic flu outbreaks – new research suggests.
21 July 2016