Science news

New antibody offers treatment hope for flu and may even lead to design of universal vaccine

A new antibody has promise as a potential treatment for influenza A – the source of seasonal and pandemic flu outbreaks – new research suggests.
21 July 2016

Putting brakes on brain stem cells stops them running out too soon

A protein called Huwel plays a key role in slowing down brain stem cell proliferation, making sure that the stem cells don’t run out and can continue to produce new nerve cells in the brain throughout life.
15 July 2016

Antibodies in patients with rare disorder may have role in preventing diabetes

People with a rare autoimmune disorder produce autoimmune antibodies that appear to be linked to a reduced occurrence of Type 1 diabetes, new research has found.
14 July 2016

Research shows how infection-fighting T cells move between lymph nodes.

Researchers have discovered a biochemical pathway that controls how disease-fighting T cells move between and adhere to lymph nodes.
11 July 2016

Discovery of cell division gene’s role solves three-decade mystery

Researchers have discovered the role of the first gene found - in 1974 - to cause chromosome loss when mutated.
07 July 2016