Science news

Forcing proteins to interact together reveals regulatory circuits within cells.

Scientists have uncovered new ways to regulate cells’ growth by forcing proteins inside a cell to interact in new and different ways with each other.
21 April 2016

Insights into rare psoriasis gene mutations may help treat common causes of the disease

Researchers have discovered how relatively rare mutations cause psoriasis, with implications for treating patients with more common causes of the disease.
12 April 2016

Cell ‘skeletons’ help keep cell division on track and cancer in check

New insights into how microtubules in the cell cytoskeleton switch between phases of growth and shrinkage have implications for research into cancer and other conditions.
04 April 2016

Crick researcher awarded the Colworth Medal

Dr Markus Ralser has been awarded the Biochemical Society’s Colworth Medal for his work on the early evolution of cellular metabolism, and the dynamic nature of metabolism that allows living cells to adapt to stress situations.
30 March 2016

Early-stage embryos with abnormalities can still develop into healthy babies

Research shows that abnormal cells within embryos can be killed off by programmed cell death, and replaced by normal cells for healthy embryo development.
29 March 2016