Science news

New method to map miniature brain circuits

In a feat of nanoengineering, scientists have developed a new technique to map electrical circuits in the brain far more comprehensively than ever before.
12 January 2018

Cancer-causing mutation suppresses immune system around tumours

Mutations in ‘Ras’ genes, which drive 25% of human cancers by causing tumour cells to grow, multiply and spread, can also protect cancer cells from the immune system
12 December 2017

New TB drugs possible with understanding of old antibiotic

Tuberculosis, and other life-threatening microbial diseases, could be more effectively tackled with future drugs, thanks to new research into an old antibiotic.
05 December 2017

Low protein diet in early life increases lifespan in fruit flies

Fruit flies raised on a low protein diet early in life can live over twice as long as their peers.
09 November 2017

New toolkit reveals novel cancer genes

A new statistical model has enabled researchers to pinpoint 27 novel genes thought to prevent cancer from forming, which could help create new cancer treatments that target these genes, and open up other avenues of cancer research.
31 October 2017