Science news

Link between tuberculosis and Parkinson’s disease discovered

The mechanism our immune cells use to clear bacterial infections like tuberculosis (TB) might also be implicated in Parkinson’s disease, according to a new collaborative study.
22 May 2018

New lab study reveals how breast cancer drug can accelerate cancer cell growth

The breast cancer drug lapatinib which is designed to shrink tumours can sometimes cause them to grow in the lab.
01 May 2018

Working together to unravel the immune system’s secrets

As Associate Research Director, Professor Anne O'Garra helps to promote the Crick's collaborative vision, encouraging scientists from different disciplines to work together. But when it comes to her own research, does she practice what she preaches? We examine the story behind her latest publication in Nature Immunology.
17 April 2018

From patient to paper: how tumour donations help Crick scientists understand cancer

Mike Malley, 72, was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancer called renal cell carcinoma in February 2015. Whilst undergoing treatment, he signed up to a Cancer Research UK funded study called Renal TRACERx (Tracking Cancer Evolution through therapy) that looks at the evolution of kidney cancer to try and better predict tumour behaviour, in the hope of improving treatments in the future.
13 April 2018

'Killer' kidney cancers identified by studying their evolution

Scientists have discovered that kidney cancer follows distinct evolutionary paths, enabling them to detect whether a tumour will be aggressive.
12 April 2018