Science news

Enzyme-free Krebs cycle may have been key step in origin of life on Earth

A set of biochemical processes crucial to cellular life on Earth could have originated in chemical reactions taking place on the early Earth four billion years ago.
13 March 2017

New studies show how malaria parasite grows and escapes from red blood cells

Two new studies from the Francis Crick Institute shed light on how the malaria parasite grows inside a host’s red blood cells and breaks out when it’s ready to spread to new host cells.
13 March 2017

Dedicated laboratory for schools opens

The first school groups are learning about science within one of the world’s leading biomedical laboratories.
08 March 2017

TB bacteria can elude our immune response by living inside dead macrophages

The bacteria responsible for tuberculosis (TB) can live on, thriving and replicating, inside human immune cells called macrophages that are sent to hunt them down.
27 February 2017

Steroid reduces risk of complication when treating HIV and TB patients

An inexpensive and readily accessible anti-inflammatory drug reduces the risk of a potentially dangerous complication in patients starting treatment for both TB and HIV.
24 February 2017